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5 x Jump Combo Castle

This Combo is versatile and perfect for every kid.With a jumping area, basketball hoop, and slide this castle is ready to entertain for hours.


Unit Height: 13 ft                   Unit Width: 14 ft

Min. Height Req.:36 in          Unit Length: 18 ft

Unit Weight: 275.00 lbs

Jump and Splash Diamond Castle

The Jump & Splash Diamond Castle is just right for the princess of the day!


Unit Height: 13 ft                    Unit Width: 14 ft

Min. Height Req.:36 in            Unit Length: 18 ft

Unit Weight: 270.00 lbs

Super Combo Tropical 5 in 1

This inflatable game is always a hit at any event! It may be used wet or dry & it includes spacious jump area, basketball hoop (inside), challenging wall climb & tall slide. With all these choices the children will be engaged for hours.


Unit Height: 12 ft             Unit Width: 11 ft            Unit Length: 30 ft

Min. Height Req.: 36 in   Unit Weight: 325.00 lbs

Super Combo with/without pool

5in1 Super Combo with Pool is one of the best combinations ever created! This game comes with an 11x13 jumping area and with a basketball hoop inside and a slide with a pool and with a landing matters under the pool for a safe landing! Great for Hot summer days To keep the kids cool!


Unit Height: 15 ft                       Unit Width: 11 ft

Min. Height Req.:36 in              Unit Length: 36 ft

Unit Weight: 330.00 lbs

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